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November 2017

Ruby’s: The Second Dance – Dungeon Meat, Hannah Holland, Gideön, Iona

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September 2017

Brixton’s Summer of Love – Disco & Feel Good Vibes w/ The Reflex & Rayko

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August 2017

Brixton’s Carnival Garage Rave – Day & Night w/ DJ Luck & MC Neat

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August 2016

Launching the Night Tube

Something exciting is finally happening this weekend, something we’ve all heard plenty about and most of us have been dreaming of since that time we hopped on the wrong night bus and woke up in Uxbridge. At last, the night tube is here after several missed deadlines and broken promises, and as part of Sadiq [...]

July 2016

Brixton Jamm- The South’s Musical Heartbeat

David Bowie’s death earlier this year marked an important date for Brixton’s long-established and distinguished musical history. The vibrancy of the crowd that gathered in Brixton on the 11th of January 2016 represents the still pulsing musical heartbeat of this small part of South London; the world watched as Brixton did not mourn the loss [...]

Summer At Jamm – PART 2

Having recently experienced the hottest week of the year so far with temperatures climbing into the 30’s in some parts of the UK it seems only right (and expected) that our traditional British summer is soon going to have us reaching for our umbrellas - again. But don’t let this news get you down, stop [...]

Summer At Jamm – PART 1

As we approach the end of this month we’ve decided to look back at what has been happening over the last few weeks here at Jamm. It seems we waited for summer to finally arrive and then we got 3 months worth in the space of less than a week, although we’re not complaining about July’s [...]

Brixton Summer Festivals 2016

Although it may be difficult to accept we are currently in the peak of summer, don’t let a lack of sunshine get your spirits down, instead embrace the overcast, get your mates together and head off out to a festival! In recent years Brixton has become home to some incredible events and festivals which have brought [...]

Brixton Gin Festival 2016

Come down and join us at Brixton Jamm on Saturday 16th July for a festival devoted to all things GIN! Brixton Jamm will be transformed into a Gin lover’s paradise where you can expect to experience a wide variety of Gin-related entertainment and drinks of course! It will be a Gin experience like no other, [...]

Channel One’s Summer BBQ – Sat 9th July

Join us at Brixton Jamm this Saturday for Channel One’s summer BBQ! Taking place throughout the afternoon you can expect to hear the finest in reggae music and dub-plates from Channel One alongside Dubkasm, Geode and Shere Khan – this is not one to be missed! Outside our newly refurbished courtyard will again be hosting [...]