September 2016

Carnival – The Revival

It’s taken us a while, but we’re finally nearly recovered from a fantastic Carnival weekend. As usual, naysayers try and paint the weekend as a disaster, highlighting the negative things which happened and which are an unavoidable consequence of a gathering of people (2 million!) which is that size. However, as is true every year, [...]

August 2016

Launching the Night Tube

Something exciting is finally happening this weekend, something we’ve all heard plenty about and most of us have been dreaming of since that time we hopped on the wrong night bus and woke up in Uxbridge. At last, the night tube is here after several missed deadlines and broken promises, and as part of Sadiq [...]

July 2016

Brixton Jamm- The South’s Musical Heartbeat

David Bowie’s death earlier this year marked an important date for Brixton’s long-established and distinguished musical history. The vibrancy of the crowd that gathered in Brixton on the 11th of January 2016 represents the still pulsing musical heartbeat of this small part of South London; the world watched as Brixton did not mourn the loss [...]

Brixton Summer Festivals 2016

Although it may be difficult to accept we are currently in the peak of summer, don’t let a lack of sunshine get your spirits down, instead embrace the overcast, get your mates together and head off out to a festival! In recent years Brixton has become home to some incredible events and festivals which have brought [...]