Get inside the heads of Volcano Life! // 19-12-2012

Volcano Life Arts Management hold a monthly residency here at Jamm! Always full of mischief, crazy anics and seeping with art, they are driven to have thier artists heard. Their other worldly approaches offer their audience a pass into imagination with no limits. Fun, light hearted and wonderfully manic their presentations offer emerging talent a platform whether they be in the realms of hip hop, comedy, interpretive dance or jewellery making. I interview one of their leaders Nicola Kench who let's me in on some of their outlooks! Here we go....

Who are Volcano Life and where did the name come from?

Volcano Life Arts Management is a multi-affiliated managed team that includes MCs, comedians, music promoters, performers and musicians. Headed by manager, Nicola Kench, with Capital Jors (unlimited right hand man and artiste spectaculaire), comedian host Junior Booker, music promoter Martin Furlong (Black Cat Music Promotion), Michael Snaith (musician and producer, ‘The Obedience Projects’), Amber Homes (director of theatre company ‘Scripted Chaos’), and events entrepreneur La’Raye Forte.

The name arose out of a beautiful explosion. 

What was the inspiration behind Volcano Life Arts night?

Too many nights are separated in genre, demographic and style. There’s a riff that comes from the ‘wrong people being put in the same place’, doing the same thing, making art. This exquisite frisson is what Volcano Life is about: Being the wrong person, in the right place.  Who hasn’t been there? Volcano Life has space for EVERYONE, and we mean it: We run a multi-demographic, multi-genre, multi-age night that includes everyone from young to old, white to black, folk to hip-hop and back.   

What have been some of your favourite moments so far from your nights?

Without a doubt, I have a favourite photograph, which is of the ‘white boy’ rapper AyHay rapping in the middle of a wild crowd, rapping with him, dancing, talking on their mobile phones, while the magnificently talented portraitist, Sean Rohr, painted them all. And, yes, this was caught in a photograph. Attached. Need I say more?

Some meetings also remain as favourite. Beautiful moments of understanding.

And more than that ? Simply, everyone everyone having a good time !!!   

What can we expect from this months extravaganza?

Er, cutting to the chase (a long-term goal): Black Santa (he arises, he tells it like it is), a magnificent Burlesque beauty unfolding, Michael Jackson (arisen, no lie. No secrets.) and much much more: The HILARIOUS Jay Cowle (fresh from Edinburgh, one-man, alone thing), WAVES standalone Indie, Sophie Jamieson extolling those folksie heights, and more and more and more…

What kind of people go to your nights?

Good question: Young, old, black, white, green, pink, cool, uncool, all-round beautiful.

If you could wish for one thing this Christmas what would it be?

Relentless productivity. Who wouldn’t want more?

Tell us all the maddest thing Volcano has ever been responsible for or would like to be responsible for?

Pushing the bar, pressing the bar. Reassuring humanity? Including everyone? Does that count?

What's your favourite thing about Jamm?

Awwww. The absolute niceness and awesome sweetness of the staff. Let alone their resourcefulness. Good vibes. Good times. Again, need I say more?


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