Who the fu*k is Larry Love? // 22-11-2012

Before Alabama 3 set out on their latest Art of Theft Tour, I catch up with lead singer Larry Love to hear about what's in store this time round. You can catch Alabama 3 on tour in a town near you. Check out the dates here and if you are London make sure you don't miss out on the HMV Forum gig on December 8th! Tickets here! 

Tee: What can we expect from The Art of Theft Tour?

Larry Love: Alabama 3 will be stealing from themselves in the sense that we are revisiting our back catalogue, remixing and mashing it up.  Nothing is sacred, particularly one's own legacy. As revolutionary narcotic marxists we aim to further musical radicalism amongst our congregation. We welcome all forms of bootlegging, musical, visual and satorical. If you wanna sound like us, steal from us. If you wanna look like us, rob some Versace and if you wanna play around with us put your helmets on.

Tee: Whose on support duty this time?

Larry Love: The legendary IDK Soundsystem, Wizard aka Science vs. Magic, China White, The Jar Family, and other assorted miscreants that we kidnap on our road to Hell. So brothas and sistas put your hands in the air and convert your perversions into love and homage to the one and only Elvis Presley.

Tee: Who are you listening to at the minute? 

Larry Love: DJ Yoda, Rev. C.L. Franklin, Hank Williams, Skrillex, Girls Aloud and Noam Chomsky.

Tee: What does 2013 hold in store?

Larry Love: Hostage Music will be showing its true colours with releases from Daughters of God, Howlin' Filf and the Rentboys, Science vs. Magic, IDK etc.




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