Interview with Omid 16B // 07-12-2012

Omid Nourizadeh is better known as Omid 16B  and he's here at Jamm on 7th Dec with the one and only Mr C! A DJ whose passion for cutting edge dance music is unrivalled,  he is also a producer, songwriter, musician and label boss of amazing talent and conquests. We chat to him about all the goings on of a multi tasking musical guru!

1. Where are you right now with your music?

I run Alola, Sex On Wax and Disclosure record labels. Right now we are trying to introduce the digital crowd to what we've been doing with music.  From 2002 we stopped pressing vinyl and a year ago we relaunched all our old material on digital. We tried to introduce the old stuff on compilations and tell a story with it. I did Vol. 1 which was based on the future. Vol 2 was based on the past so I got Mr. C involved. Amine Edge&Dance is doing the next so we're very excited as its going to be incredible. We're intent on mixing the older breed of djs with the new breed and finding a middle ground.
We're trying to merge gap between the hungry and complacent with the more experienced guys who've been around for a while. We are aiming to create a new synergy. The Alola nights are a way of trying to celebrate that, get everyone to play b2b and have a jam at the Jamm. Everyones doing the collective thing, b2b should be messy-sharing your equipment, your mixes.
Alola is aiming for a more human form of b2b sessions instead of the digital ways that everyone has grown use to. Mr C and I are both full of character and don't take ourselves too seriosly but we do take our music seriously. Mr C is still great he's still so on it and has a huge london presence!
2. Any highlights of the year so far?
This year alot of good things happened that changed me for the good. I changed my life and am thanking the universe for not letting me suffer too seriously. I found a new label management deal. My freedom to be as I wish to express myself has become so important.  We're still in a position where we can do alot of great things without selling out. Selling good music on digital outlets, setting up subscriptions for people who love music has been our agenda. The website and Facebook are now places where people can get everything from us directly for a small fee. We get the money directly, they get music directly. If you dont get your approach right you lose people so we've been working on this alot in 2012. 
3. What do you thing of the party scene in London at the moment?
Its thriving. I went out last Saturday. London right now is at a very healthy stage in clubbing. The recession is still there but people, no matter what, need to go out and have a good time and be interactive. Those things are a must for humaity to continue. The warehouse, East London thing has overdone itself buy not looking after people. Venues have raised the bar making sure they can keep their crowd. As long as promoters are sensiive to how much money people have with clubs narrowing down their profit margins, compromising their angle and doing more research, giving discounts people will respond. Its about doing more for the people. Its a healthy moment in regards to how bad the country is at the moment. 
4. Advice to young dj's starting out?
Stay away from doing it the easy way. Complicate it for yourself. Its easier than ever to have a unique style. Its not the way to stand out, merely copying playlists. If u want to shine, look for the kind of music that represents you inside. Its a risk factor but when it works it really works. Look within, find something thats in tune with you. The individuals make us come together. We have all come to this world to be unique and share. Thats the art and put that into your djing. Let that become selecta! 
5. Gotta Christmas list?
I really want the energy to do my best for my collective and continue representing them in a positive way. I'd love a years batch of energy to continue the way I have been this year. 

6: Last words for the Alola night?
Its gonna be really special. We want to give people a back catalogue of vinyl that we have at Alola on Friday.We'll be giving stock away to people early in the night and later on. We'll also do live recordings on the night, have them pressed on th night so people can take them home the same evening! Its amazing that there is the facility at Jamm to do that so we are really excited about that! 

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