Chris Liberator of SUF chats to us! // 11-01-2013

We speak to the legendary Chris Liberator, ahead of Stay Up Forever's epic party with us on Jan 11th! Check it...

 What was it one of this years highlights?

Boomtown was amazing year! It was really good coz theyve always had a thing about techno and there was a petition last year to get more techno played at the festival more. It makes sense to have more techno at it because that's one of the things it started out pushing. This year they pulled out all the stops and put me and Dave the Drummer playing on the Arcadia Stage, a massive insect spider shaped thing with acrobats pyrotechnics coming out at it. There were literally thousands of people going nuts, it was incredible! Hopefully alot of that crew will come along to Jamm on the 1st so we can relive some of the magic!
How did you make the transition into techno having been in a punk band?
 Techno was a very natural transition musically from punk for us. I was part of a band who have reformed now called Hagar the Womb. Back in its day punk was a thing of the moment. We were all anarchic political punks but of course things move on. I got more disillusioned with the scene at the time. Positive things degenerated, the greats split up. My head wasn't there anymore. However that DIY element and political punk element, we carried through to our techno. Our techno still harbours alot of that punk ethos. When Then techno came along it was all happening in the squat scene, so we were surrounded by punks as we played eviction parties, gigs that were outside the rave scene. We were just doing our own thing in the 90s. Musically it seems like a a big transition but with the ethos' its not, and has always made alot of sense in my head.  I'm currently actually playing drums in 2 punk bands, Hargar the Womb who just did Rebellion Festival, and my other band Dogshite. 
 What drives you to keep exploring techno music? 
The social aspect. It's so dark deep and tribal and that means it works well in party perameters. Its psychedellic but you can get locked into it. Now that I'm back playing in bands I realize that music sounds so loose, where as techno is so rigid. It locks you into an atmosphere. Its very mathematical stuff, your brain works around the groove. 
What are your plans for the label from here in? 
We did it with our 50th release on the label and it came and went. We've been doing our releases as a 5 part thing. Part 3 is just out now. We will be releasing all five parts as a box set that includes the whole lot, cds, vinyl, and download version. We're going to do it as a pledge, made to order, with signed memerobilia. People can donate money and we'll probably include a booklet of some sort too. We also want to do an exhibition at some point, we do one or two releases ourselves as Liberators per year. We're not putting our laurels down though. There's plenty to come from our other labels and third party labels like Side Squadron too. You can download all our stuff from and of course its all on including the vinyl and independent stuff.  You can buy alot of the music there and there's loads of releases on it from new artists and the oldskool crew too. 
What is it about Jamm that remains appealing to you to throw your parties here?
Weve been playing here years. Alabama 3's Jake is an old mate of ours from way back in the day.  Its such an easy going place so it really suits us. The management are easy, the side room is great too. We can have full on raves there that are really relaxed. You can go there and just make whatever you want of your night, whether you're there to chill or go dancing. The bar staff are lovely and its always full of a nice crowsd generally. Most people I know love it. Its so easy that it feels like home. There are always characters from everywhere around, including Darren that runs the fruit stall down by the station! There should be a great vibe at this one because its the end of summer.
What are you listening to at the moment? 
I'm really back into punk, Philliments, Sonic Boom Six, I saw Deekline recently and enjoyed groove, Ratpack, I'm buying loads of new punk, ska punk, King Blues etc. My other punk band band Dogshite is back playing now so I've been very busy playing drums after a long time. That punk thing is really coming forward in me at the moment. 


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