Tees Ones To Watch- Happa // 10-07-2012


Words by Therese Mullan


I don't talk enough about producers or genres other than indie enough on this blog so here's an attempt. About a month ago while researching a dubstep artist, I came across a track that really gripped me called Freak. It was really tight and experimental, high quality production involved but not too intrusive. It was dark and interesting, I wanted to hear more. What I didn't know was that the artist I was listening to was 15.

Let me think back to when I was 15.... I think at a stretch I was getting into Nirvana but mostly I was still getting over Boyzone splitting up. I was definitely not cool, I dabbled in witchcraft having seen The Craft until I began my new craze of reading advanced Southern gothic literature, understanding very little of it. I was fickle and my commitment levels didn't go further than a unique obsession with David Bowie and a gum bleeding alligancy to cool pops. One thing I certainly wasn't doing was sitting at home making ill beats, releasing them on Soundcloud and becoming a phenomenon on the tech/house scene. 

Happa (Half A Persian Prince And) is a 15 year old producer from Leeds with 2 side projects on the go. After illness kept him out of school for a stretch, he used the time to enter a Chase and Status competition to remix a track. Here he discovered his passion for mixing and beat matching.

Born Samir Alikhanizadeh, he originally started producing under the alias of Zadeh, a project he and two school friends started up that rooted his love for house music.  After being inspired by the more subtle tones of artists like Jamie XX and James Blake, Samir created his new project to "explore the darker side of bass and techno". As the releases went up on his site, so too did his number of hits and the UK has since remained in awe of this new kind of child prodigy. 

What grabs me most with this guy, is how intelligent his music is. He has understood it and digested it in ways that are further advanced than many heavy hitters in the industry. He balances an astounding ability to hook listeners on catchy bass lines with a deeply philosophical understanding of music and where to take it next. Latest releases like 'Untitled' are stripped to revealing states of personal reflection, embodying an emotive essence that stays with the listener. His use of repetition is used as more than a gateway for the next ear blasting drop to kick in, he has carefully weaved beats that plummet instead of drop and shatter into tiny shards of beautiful alien audio. Described as "glacial" and "inward" by many, Happa has most recently been invited to do a guest mix for the Mary Ann Hobbs show on XFM. I'm interested to see what lengths clubs will go through to satisfy the people's growing demand to see him play live shows. Catch his new stuff which is released on Wigflex and Church, who, like us are bigging him up as a major one to watch! 


Check him out here:- 


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