Something exciting is finally happening this weekend, something we’ve all heard plenty about and most of us have been dreaming of since that time we hopped on the wrong night bus and woke up in Uxbridge. At last, the night tube is here after several missed deadlines and broken promises, and as part of Sadiq Khan’s push to support club culture in London we couldn’t be happier. Since the Victoria line which services Brixton is one of the first to extend it’s opening times (24h on Fridays + Saturdays), some of our habits are set to change. We thought we’d look at a few of the things we’re keen to see the back of, and a couple of the doors which will now be opening too.

  • Although we’re fans of the night bus, we’d be kidding ourselves to say that all our memories of it are positive. The night tube means no more infinite journeys being rocked into an early hangover.
  • No more sleeping stranger drooling on your shoulder.
  • No more kebabs spilled directly into your lap (actually this one might still happen).
  • Unlike the night bus, we’ve got no soft spot for the taxi home, and we can put a stop to enormous queues and the extortionate prices you’re willing to pay when all you want is your bed.
  • Oh, and no more £50 fines or 1* ratings from Uber.
  • No more leaving the pub before the rest of your mates just to run and catch that last tube home.
  • You’ll be happy to hear that the late night Boris bike expedition is now a less attractive option- for the same price you can get home on the tube without even pedalling once.

Unfortunately, it also means…

  • We can no longer use the “need to catch the last tube” excuse as a way out of an awkward meeting with the ex.
  • No more getting your Uber driver to take you to the drive-thru on the way home.
  • Summer tube temperatures will be even more unbearable with no downtime overnight (next improvement – air conditioning!).

The arrival of the night tube means we can leave the house later and still get to the club on public transport, putting extra cash in your pocket and leaving more time for your night out. With that in mind, here’s what we have on this weekend which you now have no excuse for missing!

Friday 19th August – Triple Cooked’s last summer terrace party, with Jamie Thompson, Will Udal (live) and the Lurcott Bros. Free entry if you post your name on the event wall here:

Saturday 20th August – A History of Rave day & night terrace party with the legendary A Guy Called Gerald and Mark Archer (Altern-8). Get tickets here: