David Bowie’s death earlier this year marked an important date for Brixton’s long-established and distinguished musical history.
The vibrancy of the crowd that gathered in Brixton on the 11th of January 2016 represents the still pulsing musical heartbeat of this small part of South London; the world watched as Brixton did not mourn the loss of our musical hero, but celebrated the legacy he left behind.
Arguably, there are few parts of the world that would commemorate a musician so fiercely or in such an appropriate way- commercial amps were laid down to join in the voices of hundreds; who collectively sung every record by heart. 
The likeness of the multi-talented artist still stands today, months later, surrounded by handwritten and heartfelt messages from the people of Brixton and passers-by alike: flowers are still lain in gratitude, appreciation, tribute.
The party was not exclusive of age, gender, race or class but instead united by music, the sparkling memorial reflects the same soul found half a mile up Brixton Road at Jamm.
The site of Brixton Jamm itself has historically embodied the busy and lively character of the venue today. Brixton Jamm was originally used as a coaching house through to Brighton, making the location a comparably bustling and central point in London. The functionality of the ‘Ye Old White Horse’ in 1905 holds true for its modern-day predecessor; joining folks as well as offering them a night’s stay. Today people are drawn to this small part of the globe not out of the same necessity, but to seek the joy of music and culture from a musical destination that is as unpretentious as it is creative.
In the past, Jamm has showcased the best in music, whether that be rising acts or the likes of Massive Attack, Groove Armada,  and MGMT. We’ve seen Dub stars Congo Natty, Coki, as well as Skinnyman and Vadim have passing through the doors on a regular basis.
It is a venue which is not restricted to one genre of music; the eclectic line-up time and time again encompasses the vitality of the London music scene as a whole.